A very happy new year from Team Sam!

We are very excited to get the year going and share what we have been up to the last few weeks. Our studio has been very busy on commercial work but we have managed to squeeze in some Sam time too…
First up, cardboard sets! We have been building mock-up versions of our sets and we have all the interior sets for the film laid out so far.

Clockwise fro top-left: Sam and his mom in the kitchen; Sam coming down the stairs; Sam in the school secretary’s office; Principal Ramsbottom in his office.

In case you’re wondering, we do this first as part of the design process so we can try out different options and change things easily before we spend real time and money on the final build. We will also be using photos of these sets in our animatic….
Wait, wait….what’s an animatic? Well, that’s the other thing we have been busy on. We have been working on the storyboard and turning it into an animatic as we go.
An animatic is basically a version of the storyboard put into a timeline with placeholder recordings of the dialogue. This helps us to get the timings of each shot and helps us to see how the story flows. It really is where the magic of the story-telling comes together and is probably the single most important part of the animation process.
Once we have a finished animatic, we will have a list of every shot in the film and it’s exact layout and timing. This will then be the blueprint for everything else and we can go in to full-on production, from voice recording and set shoots through to final animation and compositing and then, finally, music scoring and sound design.
In other news, we now have an online shop for Sam T-shirts and trinkets – how cool is that! It is US-based (sorry SA peeps) but we do have some merch available locally as well, email us directly if you would like to know what is available. All proceeds are going directly into the film.

Visit our Zazzle store...

We also have some rad new designs coming soon, so look out for that.
Till next time,
Team Sam